EdgeLite is unleashing full potential of edge devices using state-of-art technologies and building smarter reliable end-to-end digital solutions.By filtering information into actionable insights, we enable systems to securely and wisely use vital resources like power, memory,  communications and man-power. Our self-empowered solutions, capable of making adaptive decision, challenges the globalized trend of cloud based high cost IoT solutions.


EdgeLite is founded with an aim to seed intelligence and conscious decision-making capabilities in machines such as hand held gadgets, cameras, home appliances, drones, medical and industrial motive equipment. Our experts have decade long proven track record in area of embedded systems design, communications, security, machine learning algorithms.

Edge Software Solutions

Today’s most of the IoT solutions are built on helper-parent processes and follow few commands, capture and dump all raw information over network to be processed on cloud. The drawback of such end to end solutions is many.  It is expensive and the consumer has less control over its own system. edgelite is developing intelligent end to end solutions which are more efficient, leaner and cost effective for embedded and IoT systems. Our designs make the edge device to sense, learn, adapt to take measured action and filter relevant information before any communication. This makes our system extreme reliable, robust and autonomous. Thus, bringing huge value to end consumers.

Lean Analytics Models

edgeLite disruptive solution is built to run AI, computer vision and radar processing algorithm over resource constraint edge devices. The custom-made embedded AI technology offers reliable performance and remarkable savings in term of power, computation and memory.

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IIoT intelligence

Process automation, production efficiency and asset safety is becoming a de-facto steps for better ROI in manufacturing industries. Today big organization, MSME/SME are slowly moving toward Industry 4.0 and looking for proactive maintenance solutions.

we are in design, development and commercialization of Industrial IOT products per industries need. Our application is targeting smart condition monitoring, productivity monitoring of manual workstations.

Visual Intelligence

For human, Images and video are fully-visible medium with contents and information. Vision based visual data capturing is still opaque for machines.

we see a huge scope of vision based analytic in industrial robotics. With strong belief in “A picture speaks a thousand words” concept. Our AI solution enables the device to understand these words for.


Retro Intelligence

Today most commercial IoT product which are already installed or in production are passive device in nature.

Do they need replacement or is there a possibility to make them to work more effectively?

We can assist you with customize solutions to fit in your existing solutions.

use cases

edgeLite offers wide variety of cost sensitive solutions for industries and enterprises problem statement. From traditional edge systems to Industry 4.0, we are committed to boost efficiency and unlock new opportunities for our customers.


The company has knowledge pool of over multi-decade experience in core technologies and exposure to many fields. we have in-house capability of hardware and software design and development for analytic based end to end IoT system solution.

Sankalp Dongre


MTech – IIT Kharagpur, has 18+ years of experience in embedded systems, product design & development for consumer electronics market and IOT segments, ex- DCM, Samsung, ST Microelectronics.

Deepesh Jain


An Entrepreneur, 18 years in handling international business and technical marketing, an Engineer and Masters in International Business, ex-Honeywell, Hitachi, IBM and Toluna.

Praveen Singh


A Computer Science graduate, has 20 years experience in engineering operations, software development of consumer, industrial and  IoT wearable with extensive system knowledge, ex-ST Microelectronics.

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